I am a clinical psychologist who has been practicing in Cambridge, Massafirst choice cropchusetts, since 1988. My major areas of interest are behavioral medicine and the mind-body relationship, particularly as these pertain to understanding and treating anxiety disorders, learning disabilities, and recovery from trauma.

I believe that psychotherapy should be a collaborative process founded in a real human relationship between client and therapist as they work together to articulate and pursue the client’s agenda. The characteristics of the process should arise out of the relationship rather than the therapist’s belief in a particular theoretical orientation or in a particular set of techniques that are assumed to be best for everybody. At the same time, every therapists has a particular style, temperament, and set of skills. No one therapist is right for everybody, and a large body of research indicates that the match or fit between therapist and client is one of the most important predictors of a positive therapeutic outcome.

This website contains information about my professional  development, the types of issues I work with, and the types of techniques I use. It also contains information on practical matters, such as: my fees, the types of insurance I accept, and copies of the forms and questionnaires I use. In addition, some of my lectures and papers are available for those who would like to get more of a feel for my voice and how I think.